First Amendment 1, Obama 0

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While Obama and his flunkie Sibelius have graciously allowed a one-year extension for religious organizations to change their beliefs and teachings concerning the sanctity of human life before compelling them to fund abortions through insurance coverage, that protection was not extended to private business owners who hold pro-life views.

Now a US District Court has ordered that First Amendment guarantees of freedom of religious expression must also be extended to business owners in the private sector and does not merely apply to businesses which operate under a non-profit status.

I applaud Judge Kane’s decision and integrity in this matter.  I do not know his political philosophy or his religious views, but his decision is the only decision possible which is consistent with the original intent of the Constitution and with the judicial doctrine of stare decisis based on existing case law.

Obviously, this is not the final word, because the decision only applies to one business owner.  And I would not be surprised if Obama and Sibelius appeal this decision.

If upheld on appeal, then it becomes case law and valid only for employers situated within the states served by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, but does provide a precedent for consideration in other Federal District and Appellate Courts.

If this does go before the Supreme Court and upheld, then it will provide what I believe and hope could be a fatal blow to ObamaCare–because then it will not only state that people cannot be compelled by the government to act in a manner which is contrary to their stated religious beliefs but it will also recognize that private individuals cannot be compelled by the state to subsidize the behaviors of others which conflict with their stated religious beliefs. 


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